Dead Address™ | Free Instant Anonymous Disposable Email Address With Inbox

Stop unsolicited spam email with a Dead Address temporary email account.

Dead Address will instantly create a disposable email address that you can use when you need to verify registrations by email. After creating an instant email account you can check for new incoming messages by simply refreshing your dynamically created inbox page, and the best part is that the email address along with its associated messages will disappear forever once you delete it.

A temporary email account is perfect for anonymous registrations to forums and other interactive web applications. They are also useful for public usage instances such as library browsing whereby access to personal email accounts is not available or convenient.

No lengthy signup process and you need not provide any personal information at all. Your identity remains anonymous. Just click the button below to instantly create a new, anonymous email address. After the account is created you will automatically be directed to your new inbox which will be ready to receive any messages sent to your new address. Once you are finished with your disposable address simply delete it. You are always free to create a new address whenever needed.

Click the button below to create your free disposable email address.

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